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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finally a clear explanation of what MES is!

I was browsing the blogshpere and came across this post explaining what MES is in real world terms. Since Gartner has now coined MES as MOM the author of this blog uses an analogy with mom (as in mother) to explain what MES is. I think this is a great way to explain the very complicated domain in simple terms. This is also what I tried to do in the my previous "What is it that I do" post.

Here is an excerpt:
 An MES system is:
Software (mom’s brain)
That connects to multiple plant and business systems (spouse, children, school, work, home)
Collects relevant data (children’s and spouse’s schedules; play dates; doctor’s appointments; clothing and shoe sizes of every family member; contents of pantry and refrigerator; supplies needed for school/daycare; immunizations required; daily intake of children’s fruits and vegetables; recommendations on pediatric dentists; educating oneself about any number of topics, not to exclude best techniques for discipline, potty training and how to get your child to broccoli; birthdays; anniversaries; dates of holiday family gatherings on both sides; … uh, not to mention everything required for any work that’s outside the home)
And presents it as easy-to-understand, real-time intelligence (may exist in rudimentary lists, a calendar, or electronic planner, but probably all three; also, constant verbal communication to tell spouse and children everything that needs to be done)
For productivity analysis, data mining, querying and reporting (to coordinate activities and process information in the most succinct and orderly way possible so mom, spouse and children can make the best decisions and achieve optimum life satisfaction and achievement)
The blog is named "On the Night You were Born" and I could not find the name of the blog's owner, but I have to extend out thanks from the MES/MOM community. All that remains is counter with a DAD system explanation.